Way-too-early Oklahoma State football predictions for 2024

Way-too-early Oklahoma State football predictions for 2024

Two on OSU: A team named the Jackrabbits could spoil the Cowboys' season Someone who played three games last season will lead OSU in receiving.

Ben Hutchens

By Ben Hutchens

| Jan 11, 2024, 1:00pm CST

Ben Hutchens

By Ben Hutchens

Jan 11, 2024, 1:00pm CST

Sam Hutchens joins me to give our way-to-early predictions for the 2024 Cowboy football season.

Among them:

  • Which nonconference game could give OSU the most trouble (9:49)
  • How the Big 12 will do in the 12-team playoff format (12:25) 
  • A surprise player who will lead OSU in receiving yards (7:47). 


  • Following the announcement this week that former OSU receiver Justin Blackmon is going into the College Football Hall of Fame this week, Sam and I recall Brandon Weeden’s story about their introduction while playing basketball at the Colvin Recreation Center (5:54) and Blackmon’s first touchdown against Colorado in 2009.
  • OSU’s basketball is off to an 8-7 start (21:36). Freshman center Brandon Garrison scored a team-high 20 points and four blocks and we talk about why Mike Boynton got emotional talking Garrison’s Big 12 debut and what went wrong in Lubbock.

Producer: Jacquelyn Musgrove

Creative Director: Michael Lane

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Ben Hutchens and his twin brother Sam cover Oklahoma State for the Sellout Crowd. After a decade of living in the state, Ben finally feels justified in calling himself an Oklahoman. You can reach him at [email protected] and continue the dialogue @Ben_ Hutchens_ on social media.

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